Royal Harbor Update – August 6, 2014

This week they are once again working on the entry lights into Royal Harbor at the flagpole. Seems this problem has a life of its own. Hopefully we will get this situation under control.

 The water main project has now started, one month behind the proposed start date. I have driven down Sheepshead and see they are about 100 yards along. I noticed they were removing pavers in driveways  and digging, then replacing, them. Many of us thought the plan was to bore under driveways, but now I am told this will only happen on asphalt or cement drives. I guess we are a work in progress. If you are concerned, drive down and take a look for yourself. 

This delayed start may push back the finish dates and dates published earlier for doing the various streets. I have no data on that. Let’s hope for a good outcome. Concerns need to be directed to the city staff overseeing the project.

Bob Middleton, Utilities Director


I have been contacted by the group opposing the RACETRAC about the plans to meet. I am unclear if they are trying to stop it or scale it down but I think this is a group in progress and  they are meeting in the next two weeks. I will keep you all informed as they notify me. Since this is a county project and not in the city, county commissioners will be the ones regulating this. There is a new RACETRAC up on Airport Road just about to open. It is across the street and down  from Tamiami Ford. So you can get an idea of what it would look like if it passes.

 Home Building has really boomed this spring and there must be a dozen or more new starts in the area. Small homes are now the minority and I know of builders seeking lots and older homes they can tear down and build on. If you have one, now is a good time to sell.

 Many like to keep track of solds in the area and also would like to know dimensions, etc. on your lot. I have an email (in 3 parts) of the Royal Harbor Plat I am attaching to this . You can bring it up and print out or keep it in your computer files. I know I use this all the time.

 We had record rainfall this week. I had over 7 inches in my rain gauge in about 4 hours. I know it made national news. The city was flooded with cars stalled around the mall and Golden Gate intersection and a lot on Gulf Shore Blvd all over the TV news.  Here, it just ran into the canal, so no problems. Still, a record for any day in August ever.

 Naples has mosquito patrol and control. They fly planes and helicopters and spray. This is on a rotation basis throughout the county but I know it is also by demand. This means if enough people call and complain about mosquitoes they send out a sprayer. So here is the number to call. (239) 436 1000  If you are getting bit call and ask your neighbors to call too. They will put you up on the list.

 I have had some calls about trash in the canals. Both from clippings and just trash blown in from the bay. The city does send a boat out occasionally to pick this up if you call it in. Also if you see someone throwing yard waste in the cal get the plate number or the company and report it.

 For those up North. The weather continues hot and afternoon storms come daily. Restaurants are having lots of specials and trying to keep busy. Traffic is still busy during commuter times, but not so much during the day. Expect a lot of traffic when you come back next fall though, as new businesses along 41 and around town are starting up and vacant buildings are filling up. Between the construction of new homes and the business surge, there are a lot of trucks on the road. Rental property is now becoming scarce. Lots of people also are working on homes that were bought distressed in the Real Estate crunch hoping to turn them into cash. More and more people want to retire here so it is only going to get more crowded.



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