Royal Harbor Update – July 20,2014

Water Project (important)

First is the water project about ready to kick off. There was some delay in starting as plans were altered from the original ones. When first announced most of us thought the new water line would go in the street along the various roads. Then at the meeting we were told that the line would be put into the right of way. This means that many yards will be impacted as the trench will be dug there. It was told to us that driveways would likely be horizontally bored underground as to not break them up. The pipe would then be laid under them. Yards and landscape would be replaced after the line was installed. To see what this looks like you may go over to Old Naples and drive along the South Side of the Naples Hospital. Along this road on the South the city just did a similar project and installed a large irrigation water line. (much larger than our line. ) They used a similar technique and you can see very little shows now that the line is in.

There was some concern about the line and the possibility of it causing some Royal Palms and other large trees to be removed. I corresponded with Bill Moss (the city manager) on this. He said he personally drove the roads and discussed this with the contractor who said that it would not be a problem  to work around this. So we hope for the best as this is a project that has to be done. The new  larger water line will allow us to have enough pressure in the lines to pass the state fire flow regulations. MORE ON THIS WITH DETAILS CAN BE FOUND ON THE CITY WEBSITE.

911 System

Next is an important issue affecting us all. My synapses of this follows. You may well remember that the 911 system we use in the city is not compatible with the one used in the county. Also remember that emergency responders in this county are divided into areas that they serve. Each is relatively autonomous.  A study on combining firefighting and emergency services in the entire county has been completed now and the results are in. It was focused, in part, on two issues.

One the ability of all stations and emergency responders to use the same computer  software and allowing them to seamlessly communicate with the firefighters, sheriffs department and ambulance services.

The second issue deals with the sharing and crossover of services by the various departments. In effect this means that the closest responders to an actual emergency will be dispatched no matter which district they are in.  The idea here is to get the quickest response time. I am including a summary of the report here in this email for you to look at.

All the county districts have signed off on this and agreed to move forward except the city of Naples. The vote for this by the council will be in August. Please read this, then let the council know your feelings. It seems to me that is a good idea and will save lives and save money. Please see the attachment.

D Day Dispatching

Local News

More growth in Naples is coming. I suppose you all are aware of the commercial expansion that is proposed along 41, Davis and the triangle. This is only the beginning I am sure. Fiddlers Creek just announced another 1000 or more homes coming. Add this to the thousands of homes coming in Treviso Bay and Isles of Collier Preserve. There seems to be no end as Northerners try to secure their spot in Paradise.  All this growth will fuel higher prices here in our area.

In Royal Harbor the smaller homes are now the minority and this trend will continue.

 For you up North, the weather has been quiet. Afternoon storms are here now and it is not unusual to get an inch or two of rain every afternoon. It cools us down for the evening.  Traffic is down from season and restaurants are now available for walk in and sit down and eat with few if any lines or reservations needed. The fishing is good now and lots of summer residents are out everyday. The Real Estate business is still cranking along but not at the rate of seasonal sales. Council meeting are in hiatus and most of city government is taking a breather. Politicians are gearing up though and signs are all over the intersections and commissioner and school board seats will be up.


I think the entry light was finally rewired and is on. 



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