A Note of Explanation

These pages have lain fallow for just about a month now. Backup to President Forshier’s reports has been absent. 

The reason is that your Webmaster suffered a heart attack while on an anniversary cruise in the Caribbean. To cut a long story short, let me report that after a Med-Evac flight from Jamaica, a triple by-pass operation (three weeks ago, today) and a couple of weeks re-hab, I’m doing well and hope to serve you for years, yet.

I wish to thank all my friends neighbors and associates for their good wishes and prayers.

One more word I regard as important. We all have our favorite Naples features of which we are rightly proud – the Beaches, the Pier, The Phil, Naples Zoo. the list goes on. As far as I’m concerned, the one real “Gem” in Naples is NCH, our Naples Community Hospital. When in Jamaica, choosing our Med-Evac destination, there was never a question – we wanted to go to one of the finest Cardiac Hospitals in the country, NCH !

I wish to pass on my thanks and kudos to the entire NCH staff. I didn’t come in contact with one individual who wasn’t dedicated, helpful, professional, cheerful and most aiding in my recovery. Thanks Again !

Ed Thieme

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