Royal Harbor Updates – 03/14/2014

Those of you in Naples are all aware that there have been some disturbing break-ins in private homes here. 
there were four, 2 in the city 2 outside. All were in high end homes and all were about the same. Gunmen entered the homes and bound the owners then stole their valuables in the home. No one has been hurt but this is a very bad thing. The city police chief and the Sheriff both met and are working together to come up with a plan to prevent this. I enclose a short note I got from the Police today.Home invasion prevention tips

On another note I have been asked if our cameras are operational and to my knowledge they are. Hopefully this will be a deterrent.

Everyone should know by now that the city speed zones were dropped. So you still need to go slow in the inner harbor around the city dock etc and at Gordon Pass but the rest of the way is normal speed. (30 mph in the channel)

 I received an email from Doug Finlay on the Firefighters new call to add up to 12 new positions. I include his notes here.

Tax revenues are increasing due to increased taxable values. The Fire Chief has three NFD expansion plans going before Council for discussion. The biggest adds 12 firefighters, the smallest 3. I oppose all proposals. I always knew the grand plan was 12 more firefighters and not just 3, 6 or 8. However, no call/run data is offered to support the expansion.


I now have had another resident call about Sea Wall repair. I have discussed this before and will not go into it again here but so you know, we do have a committee working to try and get some exemption for us in Royal Harbor that will allow us to use the new sea wall repair technology and not have to build all new sea walls. We may know the answer in a few weeks. I will keep everyone updated as I get more information.

 I met with Penny Taylor this week in my Alliance group-.She is running for county commissioner which is a very big job. She is running against someone I do not know but not from the city.  We stressed to her the importance of Naples Bay, the creeks feeding it and the enormous scale hew homes being built upstream of the bay. (out East) We asked her if she thought she could be our vocal advocate on this board to help manage these resources wisely. More on this later as we get closer but we (Royal Harbor ) and some of the other homeowner associations are sponsoring a forum at city hall. See below






TIME:                 5:30 PM

 The candidates will be introducing themselves and answering questions submitted by those attending. Kerry Dustin will moderate the forum.

 The following associations are participating in this event:

 Aqualane Shores

Coquina Sands

Gulfshore Property Owners

Gulfshore Association of Condominiums

Moorings Property Owners

Old Naples

Port Royal

Park Shore

Royal Harbor

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