Royal Harbor updates – 03/02/2014

The East Naples Advisory board is looking for 3 people to fill vacancies. These are the people who are overseeing the dredging in the canals. If you would like to see what is going on, and participate, open the link above and contact the city. There are also other opportunities to serve listed here.

 I have also attached a message here from our neighborhood police officer. It is a timely note on how to prevent burglary. Please open and read it.BURGLARY PREVENTION 2014    As you know there have been some strange crimes lately so be observant and please report anything out of the ordinary.

 I have been asked to remind people that you may dispose of old medicine at the police department. There is a box for this to just deposit it. Also remember the city has a disposal area at the north end of the airport on the side road. This is for used computers and electronic equipment. No charge at either location.

 I have received several contacts from individuals about the new Park on the Gordon River that will be voted on at council. I have selected one that is a good summary and include it here for your inspection and action if you so desire.

The Naples Gordon River Park needs your support.

 The Master Plan process for the Naples Gordon River Park has been a compilation of many Naples residents time and input.  This process has created a passive; yet, dynamic and interesting design for an interesting riverfront community park.  There has been some recent dissension of a few of the major park elements that were requested and supported by the City residents during the public design process.  A few of these features may be reconsidered by City Council.  These items include the viewing hill, the cafe, the bridge alignment, the stream and the community boat slips.  Since these are all major components of the park that the Naples public has requested, it is important that you continue to show your support for the park design.

 I would ask, as we are at the home stretch, for your continued support of the park Master Plan by attending the Council Hearing and either voice your opinion or if you feel more comfortable, just say that you waive your time but support the park concept as presented.

 When:  Wednesday, March 5 at 8:30AM (First on the Agenda)

Where:  City Council Chambers, 735 8th Street South (across from Cambier Park)

I have always found that there is no substitute for being in attendance and speaking in person as we know the opposition will most certainly be present; however, if you absolutely can not attend, the second best way to show your support is to send an email to the council members.  Their email addresses are listed below.

You also can reach all council members at

Here is a local neighbor request regarding a found CAT.

 To the lady I talked to about the black cat I found last year, I think we were too hasty deciding this wasn’t the one you lost.  I really now think he (I think it’s a he) might be.  Please call me so we can talk.  Maureen Porter, 417-9890

 I am still getting Flood insurance information but nothing to compile and send out. I hope we get the bill extension passed.


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