Royal Harbor Updates – 02/25/2014

The City is now putting the new waterline project for Royal Harbor on paper and plans are to get bids and hopefully start this summer. The project will start at the southern end of Royal Harbor and move north over the next 3 years. So residents on Sandpiper, Snook, Tarpon, Kingfish and Marlin will be affected this first round. This project will require digging up the roads and putting in new water lines. The reason they are doing this now is mainly for the fire flow restrictions ( water pressure for fire hoses) that have been set by the state of Florida. Royal Harbor has the worst numbers in water flow in the city so we need this. Plans are to lay in the lines down one road then loop across and under the canals to the next road then back up to the main lines. So picture this, the line will go down Kingfish to the end, then will be horizontally bore-drilled deep and under the canal and then come out on Tarpon road where it will connect to a line down that road. The same process will  happen at the end of Sheepshead and cut under the canal to Snook, then connect there to the line up and down Snook. Looping allows for better flow and for water access to continue along the lines if one area goes out. Residents will be notified by the city as the work plans begin and plenty of notice will be given to all. This is still in the planning stages and final plans are not yet approved. This is a heads up to everyone so you will know what is going on if you are notified by the city regarding this project.

Flood Insurance. Did you know that since we live in the city of Naples we are to be getting a 20% discount on Flood insurance? For more information you can call the city at 239-213-5039 and ask for Christa Carrera. She can also get you your elevation certificate if it is on file. This could save you some money. The city is now working on revised flood maps to certify elevation requirements. This is all changing.

 I was notified yesterday that the city has a person working on FPL power outages in Royal Harbor. So far I have not noticed a  change. The power line to the entrance with the Flag Pole is scheduled to be rewired this week. They put in a new underground from my lot to the island last week.

The East Naples Advisory Board that oversees dredging will meet soon to discuss where we go now. It seem they they were unable to get bids for the remaining rock removal in Royal Harbor.  I hope that the decision now is to keep trying and not one to forget it. We need to finish this project.



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