Royal harbor Updates – 02/14/2014


Gordon Pass Depth Problem:

The area several of us have damaged rudders, and props on Sport Fishy boats, on is surrounding Red #2 and Green #1 coming into the main channel at Gordon Pass.  After some discussion with the Harbor master he sent out a team to do some soundings in the area this summer.  He found “controlling depth” now of Gordon Pass is 6 feet.  That means that at an average low tide, in the main channel,  the depth for navigation is 6 feet deep.  So, if you are coming into the pass at low tide and have either a 2’ boat wake or a 2’ chop … you will be trying to navigate in 4 feet of water depth.  The wave will pick up your bow and your rudder will hit in 4 feet of water.  If you draw 5 1/2 feet, like I do, it’ll hit hard, with all the weight of your boat on the rudder.  That’s how Bob damaged the rudder on his new boat.  It’s also how several of us have damaged ours.

I did my own soundings for several weeks earlier in the fall and found the deepest passage through.  Just to the left of center between the markers was deepest, then, leaving the center to travel along a rhumb line from 40’ beyond the Red #2 toward the entry shoal marker.  But, there is now a hump about 100-150 feet from the red (toward the shoal marker) that’s a shallow spot. 

On his return from Key West Race Week our P.R.O., Jeff Butzer, detoured to do his own soundings with a Seatow Captain.  He found the green side of the channel (Diamond Shoal) is the shallowest.  They found that you CANNOT safely navigate on the green side of center near the #1 marker and toward the entry shoal marker.  Please, if you have knowledge of anyone having boat damage from this area contact the City Dock and ask for the Harbor Master’s email address.  If you send him an email about it he can forward it to the Corps of Engineers and US Coast Guard, who will determine if and when Gordon Pass is dredged.  If you do not report it the Pass will remain as it is.  They need several reports of boat damage, apparently, to consider it a worthwhile problem to address by dredging it.

Commodore/ Captain Elizabeth Bloch

This above from the Sailing club here in Naples and their Commodore. Remember the sand shifts all the time, so pick your way through the pass carefully at low tide, and if you have any damage, please report it to the harbormaster, Roger Jacobson.

My comment last week regarding pets brought about some comments from one resident. Here I include the ordinance for everyone to read. I specifically asked the Chief yesterday about whether a dog needed to be on a leash in the City on Naples. He said yes it does. Whether this applies in all cases such as guide dogs and other specially trained dogs I do not know. But now you know as much as I.  I doubt any officer will ticket you for walking with your dog at your side. However if an incident occurs it could complicate the issue.

 Bicycles and the bicycle riders that will not move over to let you pass. I have a report this is occurring again. Again in my meeting with the chief I asked about this. He said he would not think city police would ticket a car passing in this circumstance and he would alert his patrols. I was also told that the city police would alert the Sheriffs department of this problem and they and the city police would stop these riders if caught again. Remember also the 3 foot rule. When you pass a cyclist you must allow a minimum of 3 feet clearance.

 Flood insurance is still a hot topic and several residents had some ideas on this subject. I will collect these and distribute them. But, you may know that there is a bill now in the works that would extend the current program for 4 more years. This mainly effects older homes and is also largely affected by your elevation certificate. It was pointed out that all lenders require flood insurance and you can only opt out if you own your home outright.

 We have at least one resident dealing with the sea wall repair-and-replace issue. We are trying to find a way to resolve this issue now that the city has changed the code. It is complicated and will likely require the association to hire an attorney to figure it out, another reason we need everyone to pay the $50 annual dues and be a part of our efforts.




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