Royal Harbor Updates – 10/24/2013

Next week we will be having our Halloween Block Party. Most know how this works. We block off Snook with cones and then Halloween trick or treators walk up and down the street soliciting treats from Homeowners who have decorated they homes and/or are giving treats from tables set up in their driveways. All resident are encouraged to participate. There will still be car access to Snook but since the streets will be full of walkers it will be slow going. See sample of outfits. For additional info call Nancy Lockwood at 239 250 3897







Here is some interesting data about fires in NAPLES from Doug Finley.

 Of the 42 structural fires reported for 2012 only two were major fires and both of those fires were mutual aid calls to NNFD . . . . two separate fire events on Bald Eagle Drive which is Naples Bath and Tennis.

 For the City of Naples all incidents were minor and most would not rank as fires in the eyes of people. Of those that were fires (open flame), the incidents were quite small but certainly threatening:

 1. Candle/lamp shade/paper fire extinguished by resident.

2. Contractor started small fire on roof. Extinguished by contractor.

3. Dumpster fire at Allen Tennis Center started by vagrant. NFD extinguished with garden hose and extinguisher.

4. Fire at NCH linen storage, extinguished by sprinkler.

5. Small attic fire extinguished by NFD water can.

6. Small attic fire extinguished by NFD water can (2).

The life of a firefighter in Naples. Hardly Detroit or St Louis. No wonder it makes no sense for this city to meet expensive NFPA, apparatus staffing standards.

It will take some time to prepare the full summary report (more detail) of all 42 incidents as I must transfer over hand written notes to the computer.


 Here attached is also some information on the sand fill I just got in from City manage Bill Moss. See attachments..

Truck Routes Beach Renourishment

Beach Renourishment Safety Letter to Residents revision 1

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