Royal Harbor updates – Halloween Reminder

Thursday October 31st

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Snook Drive



Halloween shots from last year. Here is what we do. If you live on Snook drive we ask you to set up a table in your driveway. Invite your friends from the area and have them join you in hosting a trick or treat station. Don’t know anyone? Call Nancy at 250 3897 and she can find you a spot. Another option is to dress up and join the parade. This is a fun, safe night. Starts at 5:30 and ends officially at 7:00 pm. (we know some of you party on)  Whatever you do do not miss this fun evening ! ! !

(Note: If you want to see photos from previous Halloween events, go to )


HalloweenReminder02 HalloweenReminder03 HalloweenReminder04 HalloweenReminder05 HalloweenReminder06 HalloweenReminder07 HalloweenReminder08 HalloweenReminder09

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