Royal Harbor Updates – August 28,2013

The city has been reviewing docks and sea walls in and around the bay and in the canals. I reported last month that Royal Harbor has a different sea wall lot line set up than any other subdivision As we own 5 feet into the canal. This somehow makes repair of our sea walls more difficult and costly at this time. We, your board, are considering remedies. But this topic here is on cut outs and boat slips and roofs cover them. You can see by the attachment that the city’s planning dept wants to now allow this again and to allow roofs over the cut outs. At this time the proposed ordinance only would allow cut outs perpendicular to the canal and not horizontally. There would be no height restriction. Some on the presidents council did not think these open air boathouses  (No walls permitted) should be allowed as they might block a neighbors views. Reviews here were mixed and I was asked to get a feel for this area. So if you have an opinion send it on and I will report to the city staff our responses.

The second big discussion going on is the beach re-nourishment. I have seen the proposed truck routes now and since we are not on the beach this does not affect us. Still there will be over 9000 truck trips starting from October through January, dusk to dawn to and from the beach. Add this to the bull dozers spreading the sand and the loader elevators and you see it will be problematic. Hopefully we will not have the brown water from the fresh water run off like Sanibel Island. (still we have some as seen by the color of the water in the bay and canals) Expect this to have a negative affect on our season. WE will see.

 Here is an interesting statistic I got from councilman Finlay. His quote below.

 “Parking tickets bring in a significant amount of revenue into the Beach Fund–sometimes exceeding $300,000 annually and never less than an expected $250,000. In reference to a comment I made during the City Council budget meeting, I show the following for parking tickets.

Year                Tickets Issued                Tickets Paid                Collection rate

 2010                   15,451                            8,272                             54%

 2011                   15,109                          10,430                             69%

 2012                    17,984                           8,125                             45%

I am not totally surprised by the 2011 collection rate but 2012 rate looks pretty bad. Based on the 2012 collection dollars ($285,000), about $350,000 in parking tickets went uncollected in 2012.”

 I also heard from the Police Chief and his deputies on residential burglaries. Overall crime was down 16%Last year there were54 actual burglaries

 22 stole jewelry, 2 cash, 8 electronics,9 fishing gear. Tools, etc (like from the garage) 9 were attempts noting taken, 2 mischief, 2 wire from construction.

Again Police say report anything suspicious to the police. Especially cars cruising by several times, slowing, etc. Stopping knocking on doors, solicitations etc., If you see something call the police. Calling me only takes more time. Email me if you want me to also follow up.

Terry Forshier


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