Royal Harbor Updates – July 27,2013

In my personal newsletter earlier this month I sent some information on problems we may have in Royal Harbor on sea wall repair. Hopefully you will not need to repair yours. I have attached here some tips and information on sea walls. This is something I wrote about 6 years ago for the “Royal Harbor Pilot”. At that time, we had several properties that were experiencing sea wall failure. You may wish to print this out and then check your sea wall with this in hand. I am not an engineer or expert, but this is a summary of what I was told. Use it to determine if you need an expert to come look at your sea wall. Cheaper to fix it before it fails, by far..

I met with the city today on the street flooding problems we are experiencing along the bend on Snook Drive. The engineers and staff had been out to the area after the last big rains we had and saw first hand how the problem is getting bigger. The system used in Royal Harbor to drain streets is two fold. One is the use of swales and the other a series of underground drains along the road way that catches the water and routes it out to the canals. When flooding occurs,  it may be from plugged drains, swales that are too high, or even residents landscaping over the swales and preventing the water from having an escape route.

The city is going to check elevations in this area and come up with a water drainage plan to alleviate the standing water. You can see, if you drive through this area, that current building codes are higher than the road by several feet. So when a new home is built, it is elevated to pass code. Sometimes the swales between the homes are filled in or landscaped over. This does not allow water an exit way. This may mean some new water drainage lines will need to be installed in this area. Although some may be inconvenienced, and some properties may need trenching, the city will replace sod and return the property in good condition. However, if landscaping is a problem, some may need to remove it. Nothing is determined yet, I am just telling everyone this is happening. As we get more new homes built, this problem will continue unless the problem is addressed in the initial planning of the lot and the new build.

Lastly, the properties at the north end of Dolphin along the turn around is also being looked at for standing water.

I received an email from the airport authority informing me that the residents across the bay in Old Naples have requested a change in the airplane flight path that would move it down the bay and much closer to Royal Harbor and then have them  turn out over Port Royal. They asked how we would feel about this. I responded that I felt no one here would welcome more airplane noise. One of the reasons many bought here was to get away from the bustle of town and noises that go with it. Here is the name, email, and phone number of the solicitor, who is chairman of the noise compatibility committee, if you have an opinion you would like to express on this. ..SCOTTIE YEAGER [EDITHSCOTTU@HOTMAIL.COM]   239.821.8212

For those up North—The current tropical storm is not expected to develop into much at this time. Today’s forecast said even if it developed, all the tracks push it on west with no upswing to Florida. So relax for now.


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