Royal Harbor updates – July 14,2013

Quite a week here in Naples. The remnants of Chantal have dumped a lot of rain the last 24 hours. I have a 5 inch rain gauge and have dumped it once already. Lots of water on the streets. I see white fly is back in force also. If you treated last year it is probably time again. Here is  a photo of a car at the end of Sheepshead that is sitting under a Palm tree. Your boat will look like this if it is under a palm too.IMG_2134

There are many forms of treatment but the cheapest, if you are here, is to order an injection kit and do it yourself. l have done this. I used the website Or google white fly treatments. Most lawn people are now up on this and can treat your trees. Pay them or order here below copied from their site.

Whitefly Control Products Now Available.

Due to incredible demand for Spiraling Whitefly Control products we have teamed with Mauget and we are now the South Florida distributor. We are currently stocking Imicide (10% Imidacloprid), a systemic injectable insecticide in 2 forms: individual capsules and in bulk 1 liter bottles. Please call if you have any questions or need help setting up a Whitefly Control program. 

  Use the coupon code “whitefly” for free shipping on your first order. Order supplies here:

The sand haul by truck to replenish beaches is now approved.Assuming an average of 16.2 c.y. of sand per truck, the re-nourishment for the City’s beaches will require 9,568 one-way trips to provide the 155,000 c.y. of sand. It looks now like the amount of sand will be cut for this project and made up next time. We can be grateful that the truck route does not go anywhere near here.

The owners of Marine Max boat yard are in contact with me about our community. They are planning a progressive cocktail party by boat for Royal Harbor residents. I am meeting them next week to see what exactly they have in mind. They are making an effort to know their market and have picked our community as one of their priorities. Hopefully we will have a good turn out as it seems like a really fun event. More later.

The area is buzzing with several topics, Joes Crab Shack closed and so did Big Al’s on north 41.  The British are getting a new heir to the throne and the verdict is in on the Zimmerman case. With all this, it is a wonder we have time for anything else.


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