Royal Harbor Update – 06/06/2013

If you are up North and have any worries on this Tropical Storm Andrea, so far it is a non event in Naples. It is predicted we may get 2 or 3 inches of rain over the next 2 days and maybe a 25 mph wind with some higher gusts but we are not in the tropical storm alert. It has just been drizzling now for several days and my boat out back has not been “rocking” from big winds. It is North of us. So sleep easy. I will keep you posted.

You may have heard the city council voted to purchase the Pulling Property and add it to the already owned land thus making it a large 13+ acre park. A lot of thought and planning went into this vote and the outcome shows it. They spent 3 million dollars so far and plan to spend a total of just under 6 million for the whole project.  Now they need to find the money. One suggestion has been to delay the building of the new Fire station for 5 years. (a 4 million dollar project) The present one is 17 years old. The thought is that this building should have a life of at least 25 years and a new station could wait a few years until the economy improves. The park should be done while the interest is there and the emotions can carry the project through to completion.. This will be an interesting battle for funds.

Lastly I am getting ideas from many of you on the new water line install program. Most feel that while the streets are being dug up and new pipes are laid we should try to be proactive and look at some of the following.

1.burying a new line for irrigation water

2.burying new TV and internet cable

3. burying power lines

These decisions will be up to council and staff. The cost estimated for the one new line is close to 6 million dollars. Adding the other items would increase the cost but not be nearly as expensive as adding some or all of these things later.

Please, think on this and as we get closer we will need to lobby the council and city staff to look into these things. (maybe you have thought of other things too)


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