Royal Harbor Update – 06/03/2013

You may remember last year at this time the city proposed a change to the code affecting docks and sea walls. Several of the presidents in this area objected to the city trying to pass these code changes in the summer when residents are not here. It was postponed and not heard of since. Now I find that this issue is up again for council vote. I have contacted some council members I am friendly with to express my concern here but I do not understand why the city feels the need for change. I know of no one having difficulty with present system and code and no one I know of is advocating change. Still, the staff feels the need. I have sent a video of the PAB meeting where this was discussed to our waterfront committee chairman but its summer and I think everyone’s mind is on other things. Do we really need more government code and oversight? Why are we doing this new? More as I get it.

There is good news though. In the budget (not yet approved but likely) is the addition of the new water mains for this entire area. It is a 3 year project and will cover all the homes in Royal Harbor, Oyster Bay and golden shores. This means going from the 6 inch water main to an 8 inch one. Although this appears to be a small change the difference nearly doubles the amount of water that can flow through the pipe to your home. If you live out at the end of one of the streets this means your sprinklers will actually have volume and thrust. It will also give you the required amount of water flow to meet the state fire code. It will involve digging on the side of the street but surely worth the inconvenience

And on this issue I see that the fire boat is off the request table from the fire department for 2014. In fact the Chief has really sharpened his pencil and several questioned items are now removed. BUT the union appealed the ruling last month where they lost the unfair labor practicing suit ,so until the next higher court hears this we are still in contract limbo.

 In a related item  (I suppose you saw the East Naples and Isle of Capri Fire depts. Have voted to consolidate) Good news for a positive trend in firefighting budgets.


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