Royal Harbor Updates – 03/01/2013

I was just sent information from council man Finlay on the fire flow issue. Although not actually completed , the fire marshal and the people in charge of constructing the fire code that defines how ISO ratings are measured have agreed to propose a change in the code to read that the fire flows would be a recommendation and not a requirement. For us it means that we should work toward those goals but housing starts will not be hindered while the problem is getting resolved.

Here in Royal Harbor this means business can resume as normal. (if the rule change is adopted) So we are nearly there and this should take the fire boat and the additional firefighters off the table for now since we will not need them to adjust our ratings.

There will be more on this and naturally there are many who want the mandate to stand. Many businesses will get a boost if the mandates hold and do not change. But if it does pass, it will allow more time to come up with better, longer lasting solutions.

Still on Fire fighters. As of now, no agreement has been made between the city and the firefighters union. If the impasse continues, the city council will have the final say. This will be an emotional meeting of the council and I am sure the union will go all out to push their agenda.

You will ultimately decide the fate of these issues. If you do nothing and say nothing, the council will just vote on how they think most people feel. When the time gets here, I implore you to email the council with your opinion. I will let you know when the issue is coming to a head.

As you drive through the area, you can see the many new housing starts, and as these new homes spring from the ground, the overall median price in Royal Harbor will continue to rise. This will only mean higher-priced homes across the market. You can already see that home sales are significantly up in the area from a year or two ago.  So, unless this national sequester problem screws everything up, we should be able to continue the rise in values.

Here is a link to the 5th Ave coming calendar of events.

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