Royal Harbor updates – 02/16/2013

I have had some people continue to ask about white fly and other gardening issues. I am not an expert but we do have a Master Gardener in the neighborhood. Kris Morton,  ,  and she will be helping with some classes that will be given this coming weekend. I am attaching the information about this to this email. If you need to know more you can contact her. She is in the directory and here is her email.

Next week the city council will be hearing from the fire chief on the grading by the state fire Marshall.  This is the ISO rating. The Chief will probably be asking for a fire boat and more staff. ( you remember we have 22 million dollars now in unfunded pension fund)The council will determine the outcome of this. If you have an opinion, then by all means email it to the council at

Here is my take of the function ability of a fireboat in Royal Harbor. I have never been on a fireboat nor have I actually seen one other than on TV. Still I think the logic holds true.

In Royal Harbor I do not see how you could even use a fireboat. Our canals are 80 feet wide and even after the dredging we have some channels with only 8 feet of deep water in the center of the channel. There is also still a rock issue in some of the canals outside the channel since the dredger would not go in and dig them out if they were outside their designated fairway. So you get a 30 plus foot fireboat in there at low tide. Can they maneuver in an 8 foot channel? Then when the boat fires the water cannon the force exerted pushes the boat back. So imagine the boat trying to stay in the channel and aim the hose and not get pushed into shallow water or on rocks or into another boat on a lift or at dockside? Imagine this at low tide at night. ?? It seems to us using a fireboat in here is just not possible. Oyster Bay canals are no wider than ours and some appear smaller. So with this in mind the fireboat would probably not be functional on this side of the bay. So if we have the worst conditions for fire flow in the city this likely would not be a solution that would work.

If you agree with this or if you think we do not need to spend the money for this and additional fire staff  etc then by all means send a note to council. (If on the other hand you think a fireboat and more firefighters  are needed they by all means send in your comment.)

The directories have been mailed and the RCC cards are in them. Hopefully yours will be delivered today or Monday.

2_CEU__whitefly & Dr. Mannion class agenda_Feb 20 2013 [4]

Spanish Collier flyer LCLM Latino Feb 23 2013 pesticide class

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