Royal Harbor Updates – 02/13/2013

Yesterday someone on the south end of Sandpiper St found two Garmin Chart-plotters in their yard. One was in a bag the other must have fallen out and was on the ground. The police were notified and one of the units was immediately identified as belonging to a boat on Sheepshead. As of last night the other was still identified as to the owner.

So it appears in this case the thieves were on foot. They must have been surprised by someone or an outdoor security light went on they dropped the units and took off. Again the police number is 231-4844.

I picked up the membership booklets today so we will be mailing them this week. Inside the same envelope is your 2013 RCC card. If you do not get yours by the middle of next week  email me and we will figure it out.

We are in the thick of “season” in Naples so patience is the word. Many drivers are lost, confused and are on vacation and not paying attention to their driving. Beware.


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