Royal Harbor Update – 02/02/2013

First thing is to be aware there have been several thefts of boat equipment in this area. Last night someone took a new Garmin chart plotter off of a big sea ray in the Jewel Box canal. A couple weeks ago there were similar items stolen off boats in the Bonita area canals. I might suggest owners put a night light with motion sensor on your dock. It may scare potential thieves away.  The thieves MAY be coming by boat, so if you notice suspicious activity in the canals after dark, please call the police.  239-213-4844

 The city is again looking at a master plan for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Every 5 years or so the council tries to set a goal of becoming better pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly. As we know, few people really know the rules  you are to abide by. No one wants an overregulated city, yet some enforcement may be called for. This is an ongoing debate.

 A big topic now is beach renourishment. We know our beaches need it, but now the county commissioners will have to decide whether to use dredged sand from  the gulf or to truck in sand. Trucking will require 30 ton truck traffic in and around the city. It is predicted there will be over 40,000 trips and that this will not only cause major traffic problems but will do damage to the city streets. The mayor and council has expressed concern about this. The debate continues since trucking appears to be a less expensive method. (but trucks will be using the beach and closing off the beach while this is going on) So we will see.

 Reclaimed water usage and an expansion of the system is being studied. It appears the next area to be developed is the area from 41 to the gulf from downtown North to Pelican Bay area. After this expansion it appears now that Royal Harbor area is next. So don’t hold your breath for this anytime soon.

 Firefighter negotiations are still stalled and it appears that the city council will have the final say. This is where you can have your say also. Council votes to please and represent the public. When the time comes, we need to voice our opinions. On another front, it now appears that the state legislature is weighing in on the issue of pension reform. This could mean that if the legislators decide to be more gracious than the local governing bodies, they can pass laws limiting the ability of local cities and counties to regulate this. (always something) So it is wait and see.

 The state fire marshal and his staff are now reviewing the mandates that were put into place regarding water flow for fighting fires. As you may remember this issue started the whole ruckus about getting a fireboat, adding more firefighter staff and so on and so on. If the state changes the mandate to a recommendation, it would allow the city of Naples time to set in motion a long term solution to this problem and not use a BandAid approach. FYI Naples has led the way in the Florida association of cities in this effort.

One can see that the real estate market has continued its recovery here. Although we still have some properties that may end up on the auction block, most of this inventory has been turned over already. Last month showed a new high for sold prices in Royal Harbor.

 I am getting more and more inquiries on white fly. I suggest anyone interested search the web by googling white fly in southwest Florida. Some say the University of Florida website has a lot of good information on it. Attached is the paper that Joe Boscagula, city arborist, handed out at the annual meeting.

 You may know that the Grand Central Station property is still in limbo as far as development. I have received some information from the group wanting the city to purchase this and turn it into a park. I know some of our residents are involved in this and if you are interested I include it here.

 We were hoping to get the directories out by now but one thing then another and they are still not done. Again if you need your RCC card, stop and I will give you yours. 732 1238 just call me ahead so I know you are coming.

 Reminder to all you home sellers. Direction arrow signs are not lawful in the city.  I know we all want to put them up and hope not to get caught  because it is easier for drive arounds to find us. But please, take them down at 4:00 when you are done. If we can police ourselves we will not have code enforcement out here confiscating our signs and levying fines. (they fine the agent and the property owner)

 Lastly. There was discussion at the annual meeting about lawn services throwing lawn debris in the canals. This is a NO NO and if you see it call code enforcement. 329  213 5030 

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