Royal Harbor Update – January

This past week we had some problems with theft. Over on the Bonita Ln side someone stole some equipment off some boats there. This was reported to the police. Then a few days later on Cobia it was reported someone had stolen fishing gear. With all the new construction going on it is hard to identify vehicles that might be casing the area for crimes of opportunity. Owners have asked the police to look at the video but with no idea what type of vehicle to look for it is nearly impossible to identify anyone as one might put these items in a van and just drive out.

Please be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police. Even write down the type of vehicle if you cannot see the plate. It will show up on the cameras. Police number is 213 4844 ( if you have a smart phone, snap a photo of the car, boat Van or persons in question)

After the Annual meeting our board has reelected the slate of officers in the same capacity as last year. Yes, this means I will still be sending you my updates. (for better or worse) I am to get the proof for the directories in the next day or so, so we should be mailing these and the remaining RCC cards out soon. Again, if you want yours early, call me and stop and get it.

I am meeting with Bill Moss next week and he will be going over the council topics coming up for the city. I should get the latest scoop then and will pass it on.  Firefighters, ISO, fire-flow and the fireboat are still in the hot topic mix. Now there is more talk of providing reclaimed water to Royal Harbor because this dual system will increase our water availability.  This is good for us.

I have had reports of homes in the area now being rented out by the day/weekend for parties. I am not familiar with this but it has been a problem in some neighborhoods across the bay. The city council has looked at this before and our legislative committee is looking into this. We will see how this goes. Also I have had some noise complaints. Please try to be considerate, especially at night, of LOUD music. Sound carries very well down the canals on quiet evenings.

 Real Estate is really heating up. We and others are getting a lot of showings and there were some really good sales reported in the area.

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