Apocalypse Plus One?

As I woke up this morning I realized the Mayans were wrong. The planets had not realigned causing earthquakes and floods, a large asteroid had not been seen crashing to earth and neither was there a Supernova and following black hole that was going to swallow us all up. So we shall plod on and continue life as we left it yesterday. There are a couple items to report.


Firefighters and fire-water-flow is still an issue and still unresolved. Royal Harbor is one of the most affected areas for the water issue. It is obvious if you live out at the end of one of the roads in Royal Harbor that your water pressure is low. If there would be a big home fire the ability to get the recommended amount of water to it would not be there. There are many solutions to this and I have gone over some of them. I know several council persons are working on trying to find the best and the most economical way to solve this problem. Rushing in and buying fireboats, the most expensive way next to installing all new water lines, is the one the department is pushing. It seems too expensive to most so we need to see what other communities are doing to try and meet the fire marshals mandated flow levels.

The easiest way, naturally, is to amend the code and not require communities to comply. Naples is at the forefront of this problem and has several community leaders investigating a myriad of acceptable solutions. More later.

Firefighters still are not working with a contract and both sides are accusing the other of failing to negotiate in good faith. (sounds just like congress?)


Reminder the Royal Harbor annual Meeting will be in a few weeks.  (January 14) Please try to attend. We have most proxy’s but it is nice to see everyone and you can then see and meet the board and get to know those working for the community. Mayor Sorey has said he will attend and give a brief address.


We are trying to have the directories printed so we can hand them out at this meeting. It is imperative you get your membership in on time to be included in the  directory of homeowners. We will be cutting off the list at the start of the new year so do not procrastinate.


Judging for the Christmas decorations will be done this weekend.


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