Royal Harbor Update – December 10,2012

Upcoming events

 Dec 11, Christmas parade on 5th    . 6 to 8 pm

Dec 13 Tuba concert at sudgen plaza on 5th    6:30 – 9:30

Our Royal Harbor Home decorating contest is on. Please participate and add some  Holiday Cheer to the neighborhood by decorating. Few things add more to the holiday spirit than driving around and seeing all the lights and decorations. Be proud of your community.

 We are now trying to wind down the membership for the coming year. We hope to cut off by the annual meeting which will be held at the Naples bay Resort community room. This is the Cottages area and spa building on your right as you enter 41 from Sandpiper Street. It will be on January 14 at 7 PM. It usually lasts about an hour. WE will most likely have some council members and other city officials speaking to us and our officers and chairmen of the various committees will give brief reports . I will send out a detailed message later this week.

Our neighborhood officer, Tyrone Davis, has made arrangements to have a dumpster placed on the lot on the corner of Snook and Tarpon for you to discard large boxes from Christmas presents etc. It should be there soon.

 The new RCC cards are in the works for 2013. Our plan is to mail them to everyone with the updated directories.

 We hope you enjoy the Holiday Season.


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