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From 11/28 email:

Many of you have followed along with me on the firefighters situation in Naples. Many of you probably saw the article the Naples News did last week on ISO ratings and how they projected insurance rates to increase since Naples went from an initial overview  2 to a 3 in rating. I felt this was very misleading and I was not alone. I enclose here a message sent by Councilman Finlay to the paper. You can see he has researched this extensively. The following is copied from Doug’s email , so you know.

“I may have already sent you the attached report. If not, then here it is. You need not read the entire report, but you might want to review pages 5-13. I have another report from South Carolina but I prefer the Monterey CA, report.

 I have spent well over a year researching ISO. I have spoken to insurance agents and even gone up the chain to risk managers. I even sought out my own ISO consultant. Bottom line–Fire Chiefs love to tout ISO to build their departments–adding firefighters, pumpers, fire boats and more. Whereas ISO isn’t worthless, today ISO doesn’t mean much when it comes to insurance rates unless there is a big change. This is because insurance companies who use ISO (not all do) tend to band the ratings together like 1-4 or 1-5. Most communities either have a 9 (rural) or a 4 or 5 (urban). Why? Because moving to a better rating, say from a 5 to a 3, or a 1 to a 3, doesn’t offer any measurable insurance change, only a difference in fire service costs for the taxpayer. ISO ratings above a 4 or 5 can be looked on as ego points, for Fire Chiefs.

In this age, with FD’s devoting more far effort towards medical than to fire, as well as more conservative fiscal municipal management (hopefully), there is no demonstrated need for an FD to move from a 4 to a 2 or a 3 to a 1. However, moving from a 9 to a 6 or a 5, may be very beneficial for a community but it will come at taxpayer cost.  Also, you might be interested in knowing that the city’s consultants, Mizelle and Hodges are former ISO principals. That is why I call it “the ISO game.” Too bad more elected officials don’t dig more deeply into ISO rather than leaving it to Fire Chief or the consultant who once worked for ISO.”

In the full message Doug included the report which I read and it confirms his conclusions. If anyone is interested in it, I can email it to you. Probably is enough to know we have it and that it supports the conclusion that this ISO rating will not affect our costs of insurance.

 You probably have seen the Christmas lighting at the entrances. We have Harry and Allison Zea from Marlin Drive to thank for these. If you see them, tell them thanks.

 We also are having the Home Christmas decorating contest again this year. No need to apply just put up your holiday decorations and sometime the last weekend before Christmas, Officer Davis and his daughter will drive the neighborhood and select a first, second and third award winner. Gift certificates and awards will be given at the annual meeting. You must be a member to win an award.

Membership renewal for next year is well underway. Over half have already renewed. Hopefully the procrastinators will get this done in the next few weeks. Remember, you mail or drop off your application here. We process the applications, deposit checks and update the lists. One list renewed the other not renewed. It may take a few days between the 2 efforts so you may get a renewal notice and have just sent in or dropped off your check. Chances are we have just not processed you. If you would show up the following week, then call me and we will track it down.

 Dredging for 2012 is done. Rock removal will resume sometime next summer.

 The Pilot will be emailed out soon and in it you will hear from the persons involved in organizing events and working on projects in Royal Harbor. When it arrives please look it over. If you know those involved, remember to thank them for their work when you see them.

 White fly is getting worse. I am going out today with a homeowner to do the home remedy treatment on his trees. It looks simple. I will report on its effectiveness. It appears there are the coconut-palm-based white fly, the fichus-hedge white fly and the other that gets gumbo limbo trees. All will spill over to your other trees and shrubs once the host plant gets filled.


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