Royal Harbor updates – 10/10

first a lost royal Harbor pet. (cat) please open the attachment to see.


Just so you know , last week the firefighters union filed an unfair labor practice suit against the city. (another stalling tactic I think) Unbelieveable isn’t it?

Simba – Lost Cat Flyer

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One Response to Royal Harbor updates – 10/10

  1. John and Phyllis Rice says:

    We have not seen an email from RHA in about 6 months or so. Could someone see if we
    are still on the mail list.
    Also I have seen our streets repaved many times in the 38 yrs. we have lived here.
    It looks very nice but the streets I most travel on Shad Ct. Kingfish Tarpon
    looked in very good shape before paving, as they have in past yrs. before paving. Could the money be spent in other areas or returned to the general fund?

    Thanks John and Phyllis Rice. 2140 Shad Ct.

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