Royal Harbor Dredging update

I went to the meeting of the ENBAC this morning. I spoke about the dredging in Royal Harbor. The overall project was discussed and you can see the report on the city website  You may also still be able to catch the TV version which will play off and on the next month.

It was concluded that more work needs to be done in several spots in Royal Harbor as well as Oyster Bay. The presentaion on the website shows where they have designated areas of concern and work to do.  The committee is set to review the new solar scans that were done by the dredge sonar boat. This will help determine the scope of the work to be done.

There is no set completion date as of now. But the promise was made that the concerns of the public will be addressed.

Many of you have contacted me regarding your concerns and I have sent them on to the city. Now is your chance to let the city know directly from you of any problems you have. If you feel your dredging was not done correctly, if you know of high spots or if you are aware of unremoved rock then now is the time to report it and they will take a look at it and correct it if needed.  Please email your comments to: . Greg is the city engineer and he will see your concerns are addresses. You may also copy me and I will also keep a record. This will be the last call on this as once the final mechanical dredge is done they will remove it and be gone.


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