Royal Harbor Update for Isaac

If you are not signed up for the emergency alert system Naples has available, here is where you do it. If you go to this site and click sign up and put your email in, it will email you alerts and information on the upcoming storm Isaac. You may also click the phone icon in the sign-up part and receive immediate text messages on the event. If you are North and want to be kept up to date, this is a simple and easy thing to do. 
We have a Royal Harbor resident who is removing a large Royal Palm and wants to know if someone wants it. see the following.
Terry, could you please put the FREE 30 Foot triple royal palm in the next news letter with my cell number
239-269-7801  the tree does not belong to the city of Naples and they don’t have any where to put such a large tree at the moment.  Thank you    Barbara Moscardelli  
I have been approached by a Television supplier like Comcast and century link and dish etc.  (NuVu) They are coming to Naples and have several large condo communities now under agreement. They are interested in Royal Harbor and some other single family home areas in town. They are fiber optic suppliers. They claim to be superior and cheaper than anyone in the market and would be interested in running lines in our area if we had enough demand. I will meet with them this fall to see what they propose. This will be each person deciding on their own if they are interested and then talking directly to the company. They said we would all get a “special rate” if they came in here. They also do internet and phone as well asTV.  I am just volunteering to get the facts and then we can see if there is enough interest to continue. Naturally, if they get a big response, they will proceed, and if not, will move on.
The last storm update looks like a westerly path sparing us again. Expect the best and prepare for the worst.
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