Royal Harbor Update, August 22

I guess you have read the paper and know that the council decided against hiring any new firefighters and against a new fireboat. I am sure that your many emails to the city council helped in this decision. As a summary to the newspaper article, see the data below . Again, compliments of councilman Finlay below.
This is in reference to today’s NDN article on hiring more City of Naples firefighters. I thought it might be beneficial to put a few numbers to the article. I will break the numbers into two areas; fire pension and the Mayor’s fitting comment about NFD responses.
1. Pension*. Most of you have been given these numbers before but in the context of the article, they bear repeating. In 2004 our unfunded fire pension liability was $6.6 million. In 2011 our unfunded fire pension liability grew to $21.8 million. That is an increase of 230% over 8 years.
2. NFD responses*. If we take the same time period as given above (for pension liability growth, 2004 thru 2011), we show the following yearly averages.
Fire incident calls,       57
EMS/Rescue           2905
Total calls                 4548**
This means fire incidents account for about 1.3% of all calls and EMS/rescue account for about 64% of all calls. Also, fire incident calls often do not require suppression by the FD as there may have been no open fire or the fire was out before the FD arrived.
* For pension, numbers taken from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. For NFD responses, numbers taken from the city budget(s).
**Includes service calls, false alarm, good intent, other.
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