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Tomorrow is “Go and Vote” day. I know it is only the primary, but your vote still counts. Your vote is also important because everyone in politics looks at the polls to see which communities vote and how many in each community vote. If you voted early, thank you. If you did not, then please drag yourself out and go vote tomorrow. When members of your association go before city council and ask them for support, it is important that the members of the council and the city staff know that they are speaking for an area that gets out the vote. It helps us all.   Next week, the city council will resume regular meetings and there will be critical votes on how they are spending our money. We also need to weigh in on some of the issues next week.

If you ever wondered how your tax money is divided, look at this. Data compliments of Doug Finlay  

Taxable Values/General Fund Reserve:


 1. For FY 2012-13 values increased city-wide 3% over the previous year. For the CRA there is a decrease of 1.5%. For East Naples Bay an increase of 3.8%. For Moorings Bay an increase of 2%.
2. Since FY 2007-08 through FY 2012-13, city-wide taxable values have fallen $2,460,000,000 representing an annual reduction of $2,900,000 in ad valorem.
3. However, since September 2008 through September 2012, the city’s General Fund reserve will have increased by almost $5,000,000. Total General Fund reserve, including Emergency Reserve, as of September 2012 is projected to be just shy of $19,000,000.  

Typical Tax Bill, Taxing Authority Breakdown:
CITY OF NAPLES   10.42%*
Schools                    50.31%
Collier County          31.46%
Water Mgt.                4.25%
Mosquito                     .73%
Other                         2.83%*  
*Excludes Moorings Bay and East Naples Bay taxing districts.
my final comment..
So you can see we are arguing over a little over 10% of the bill. The real dollar eaters are obvious. This is also frustrating as we have one representative on the county board of commissioners from Naples, yet the other commissioners can easily access our dollars from the general fund to spend on community projects we will likely never use and that are located outside the city.




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