November Update – 1

Greeting on this fine Sunday…

 Below a message from Jim Doane chmn of East Naples Advisory Board and Royal Harbor Resident

You may wish to mention that as the work continues south the residents of the areas to be dredged may want to consider where they may put their vessels during their portion of the work. In fact sharing dock space between those that have already been dredged and those next on the list may be a neat idea for us to coordinate.

The less interruption during the contractor’s work, the quicker this project will be completed. Each time a boater exits a working canal the contractor must: 1) halt activity and log the request 2) immediatley take turbidity samples 3) assess the results as acceptable or not 4) if acceptable pull the turbidity curtains until the vessel passes 5) if not, then wait until acceptable levels are achieved 6) when both goals are reached then replace curtains 7) resume activity 8) do the same thing when the vessel owner returns at the end of their trip.

You can see the affect on productivity. In addition for any vessels greater than 10′ in width or distance any piling and in the dredging template area from , the docking area of the vessel may be hit by the contractor if it is not there to block them.


Add these vendors below to your list of supporters for the Resident club Card and Save. You should have received your new cards this week.

Biosphere   25% 1st visit / 15% follow up visits
Boat Rentals at Naples Bay   10% in-season / 15% off-season
Character Eyez    15% purchases
Collier Dental Studio  10%
Earth Origins (formerly Sun Splash)  10%
Florida Olive Oil   20%
Garden District (The)   15% in-season / 20% off-season
Julie’s of Naples   15%
La Bella Mia Med Spa and Cafe   15%
Naples Floor Coverings   10%
Naples Flowers   10%.
Norman Love Confectioners  10%
U-Topia Spa   15% in-season / 20% off-season
von Liebig Art Center   20% off New memberships /15% off Gift Shop Dec. only



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  1. Suzanne says:

    Is the FULL list for the RCC card on here someplace? I can’t find it. I have the printed one, but with updates, it would be easier to have one on a website that to have to keep writing in new businesses.

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