October 19 Update

Here are some new updates for Royal Harbor.
First attached is another update on dredging with photos. The bridge project is the mitigation the state required of us in order to do the main dredging project. When this bridge project is completed the rock removal dredge will move over and start on the Curlew canal and follow the regular dredge southward. The dredging is far ahead of schedule but has broken down and repairs are now underway. The dredge is working 24/7 by permission of the city.
As the dredge nears your canal every homeowner will be sent a letter and every home will have a hand delivered notice on their door. It will explain the private dredging process and give you the opportunity to have your dock dredged. I have previously sent the formula for pricing for this and you can find it on the Royal Harbor website.www.royalharborassociation.org

 (you need to scroll back a month or so to find it.)dredging ENB_Weekly-10.10-10.16 (1)
The community discount cards ( now called resident club cards) are also explained on this site. New cards are presently being printed but the old ones will still work. Everyone had a card mailed to them last spring. Those that were returned as undeliverable were then called/remailed or hand delivered.  We do not have anymore old ones to distribute. We are looking for another person to help with this program.
Halloween is nearing and we will be doing the Resident Halloween block party again on Snook Drive. I hope most will open up for this event. If you would like company at your drive please let us know and a resident who does not live on Snook may want to team with you as some feel they are being left out. We want to include every resident if possible.
Our camera surveillance has worked as a deterrent as we have not had a home break in since we put them up. If you recall prior we had storm shutters stolen, air conditioners and whole patio sets that apparently just drove out the entrance. This has stopped. These cameras were paid for by you and your dues. It now costs us about $2500 a year to maintain and service these units. We think this is cheap insurance but we need your memberships to continue this and the many programs we work on.
Included in this posting is a membership application for next year. Please print it and fill it out and send it to me as the form requests. If you have a new neighbor please print out one for them and hand deliver it and encourage them to become members. It is only $50 a year. Those who have no changes can just print your names and address then check at the bottom the proxy and that there are no changes. If you want to save a stamp then you can drop off the form and check at my home. I have a box on the front of my house for this. You can’t miss it if you drive up. Stop and say hi if you wish.
There is a lot going on in the area and our board will try and keep up on all the happenings and report them to you. We had our first board meeting this week and all are eager to have a great winter in one of the best places to live in the world. Count your blessings.

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