August Update (2)

Hot enough? Here is some hot news that I thought I would pass on.
First some information on power outages and how you can access the problem area.
Kate Donofrio                                                                                                                   Account Manager                                                                                                                   239-434-1254                                                                        
July 14, 2011  Just a quick note to my customers…Starting today, FPL customers can go online for information about power outages near their homes or businesses. The new tool, called Power Tracker, offers an interactive map in near real time showing each outage’s location, cause, the number of customers affected, the status of the restoration and estimated restoration time. Outages can be located by full address, city or ZIP code, and customers can use a smartphone,  wireless laptop or other devices with Internet connectivity to check the website. The information is updated every 15 minutes and outages can also be reported on this page. The website can be accessed at the bottom of our home page or use the link below. Please note that during major storms or outages, when FPL enters storm mode, the Power Tracker will not function as it normally does. Instead, updates will be provided as soon as practical after a storm passes.  During that time the affected counties will be shaded in red on the map. Portions of the map may be disabled beginning 24 hours before landfall and during the early stages of restoration. After weatherconditions stabilize, the map will feature broad outage updates every four hours within the area hit, butwill not be at the neighborhood level. The outage map is an expansion of FPL’s popular system improvements map, available since 2009. Customers can click on system improvements to see what’s been done in a particular neighborhood,such as inspections, vegetation clearing and power line strengthening. Check it out at FPL Power Tracker
Next here is some information from Bill Moss, City Manager and Bob Middleton (utilities director)


The City of Naples Water Department will temporarily change the disinfection process for the City’s potable (drinking water) water supply.   From August 22nd, 2011 through September 26th, 2011, the Water Department will disinfect the water with free chlorine rather than combined chlorine/ammonia (chloramines).  This conversion to free chlorine (a stronger disinfectant) from chloramines (a longer-lasting disinfectant) allows a water distribution system purge as recommended by the Department of Environmental Protection for water utilities using chloramines as their primary disinfectant.This temporary change in disinfectant does not cause adverse health effects.  However, during the period customers may experience a slight increase in the taste, odor and color of the water due to the change in treatment. Customers on kidney dialysis who use a proportioning machine to prepare dialysate at home are advised to contact their equipment supplier or physician to take any appropriate steps to accommodate the change in water disinfection and to install the proper filtering devices if needed.  Customers who have fish tanks or other aquatic species are advised to contact the local pet store to ensure proper pretreatment of the water before adding or changing the water in the tank to avoid any problems associated with chlorine.Customers are asked to call the Water Plant at 213-3004 with any questions concerning this temporary change in disinfection.   Thank you for your understanding during this short period.



Just a note of observation on the Royal Harbor Area. As you all know there was a LOT of new building in Royal Harbor over the last season. All or nearly all the vacant lots were sold, resold or having new homes built on them. This is a sign the market is starting here again. This past few months investors have again entered the Royal Harbor market. Several homes sold and are now back on the market at higher prices. Some have had renovations some just “flipped”. So the investor market is again starting up. All this means to me that we are at the bottom in Real Estate prices and we are starting to go up.
I am getting calls from people wanting me to contact residents by email regarding leasing dockage, selling boats, and other forms of neighborhood commerce. So far I have not done this but if there is a demand I would be willing to pass these on. Any comments appreciated. Maybe we could put this on the Royal Harbor
Also several people have wanted to have more than one discount card per family. Since we are starting up new cards this next season I need to know if we should order more cards next time.
Enjoy the summer. Fishing is picking up. I had over a dozen snook under my light last week. Mullet ( and Kias) are HUGE this year. .

Terry Forshier
President Royal Harbor Association

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