August Update (1)

There are a few things going on you may wish to weigh in on. here they are:

1. The county is thinking about redistricting. One scenario has Marco and Naples merging into one district. this essentially means that these 2 communities that consist of less than 10% of the population and that pay over 40% of the taxable property value will only have one representative.This area meeting for open discussion is at the courthouse on August 16th.

2. the dredging has a new website that is ongoing. Log on to see progress.

3. Sundays Naples Daily news carried an article about the stormwater drainage from the triangle on Davis, 41 and Airport. If you drive on palm to get to 41 or through here (by Verizon) to enter into Royal Harbor you know this area has been torn up for a long time. (the road) Well this is the storm water drainage project. It was originally planned to move water north of Davis to Brookside but this was stopped. Now the plan is to pipe the water across 41 and eventually enter into Naples Bay via Snail Bay. ( the bridge on Sandpiper down by the Cottages) ┬áIn talking to Mike Bauer, the Naples environmentalist, he feels this is not good for the bay. (Another reason we need more representation on the county, not less). contact the city if you are concerned. (actually this is Fred Coyle, our county comissioner’s job to protect us and I do not have his email)

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