Mid-July Update

EAST NAPLES BAY DREDGING Construction Start:  JULY 2011

The Project:

The East Naples Bay Dredging Project is set to begin in July 2011.  Energy Resources, Inc. has been awarded a $2.3 million contract to dredge 16,700 CY of sediment from the canals to a depth of -5.0’ MLW (-5.4’ NGVD 29) with a possible overdredge to a depth of -5.5 MLW (-5.9’ NGVD 29). Their subcontractor, SteMic Marine Construction will excavate more than 2,300 CY of rock and install a rip-rap (stone) slope protection under the US 41 Bridge as part of a permit requirement to mitigate environmental impacts. Dredged material will be dewatered at the City Yard on Riverside Circle before final disposal at the Collier Landfill.
In the coming weeks the level of activity will increase in the waterways as the contractor begins mobilizing equipment by early August.  Energy Resources will create a video record of existing conditions prior to dredging.  Structural evaluations of waterfront properties and structures will also be conducted prior to construction in order to ensure safe operating levels at which to remove rock.  More detailed surveys of private property may be requested by the contractor.

The project is expected to be completed by July 2012; however shut-downs due to hurricanes, tropical storms or other events out of the contractor’s control may prolong the completion date without penalty.

Needed Cooperation:

1.       Please help to share this information.  We appreciate any first hand information about the locations of rock out-croppings.
2.       The contractor will notify each resident along a canal prior to starting work on that canal.  It will be critical for residents (upon notification) to keep vessels out of the main dredging channel and even more helpful if owners could temporarily relocate their vessels out of the canal for the short time the area is being dredged.  Turbidity curtains will be placed across the canal opening during dredging and residents that wish to enter or exit the canals while work is underway will need to wait for work to stop.

Limited Time Opportunity for Private Dock Dredging:

Residents who would like to have the area under their boat docks dredged should be prepared to contract directly with Energy Resources since this area is outside the City’s planned dredging zone.  Private dredging will not be allowed deeper than the permitted depth of -6.0’ MLW (-6.4’ NGVD 29).  Energy Resources has been instructed that this private work must be completed concurrently with the canal dredging, so it will be very important for property owners who desire the additional dredging to reach separate agreement with Energy Resources to perform the work prior to completing work within their canal.
We appreciate your help and support through the design permitting and bidding process.  We will continue close communication with the East Naples Bay Advisory Committee, and all property owners associations to ensure this project is completed successfully.  For the latest updates on this project, please visit our web site at:  www.naplesgov.com

Contractor:  Energy Resources, Inc.
Superintendent: Paul Reinhardt
((636) 532-9558

Construction Inspection:  Atkins, Inc.
Inspector: Matt Starr
((727) 409 – 0733

City of Naples
Gregg Strakaluse, PE
((239) 213-5000



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