Royal Harbor Sunset Views

Darlene Miller, a Tarpon Road Royal Harborite has taken some beautiful shots of sunsets in our neighborhood and wishes to share them with all of us.





(Mouse over for full size) 

Thanks Darlene.

[To other budding Clyde Butcher,Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz types, if you want your RH images considered to appear here, send us jpg images, 1024×1024 pixels maximum size. To be considered as a “header” image, size must be 940×198 pixels. Resolution 72-90 pixels/inch ]

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2 Responses to Royal Harbor Sunset Views

  1. Rhonda Forshier says:

    These are absolutely stunning photographs! Great job, Darlene!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brenda Bowen says:

    I love the sunset pictures! They are fantastic. We could not buy better! Thanks Brenda

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