City of Naples Emergency Notification System

(From Terry Forshier, President RH Assn.)
Royal Harbor residents. Here is the latest information system now used by the city. Bill explains it very well below.
In case you did not hear the dredging passed the council with every councilperson voting in favor of the project as recommended. So we will be seeing a dredge soon and we ( the city by mail and me through email) will be notifying you regarding personal dredging as we get further along. I am glad we are passed this part.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The City of Naples has adopted a new emergency notification system, named DeltAlert. It replaces the CodeRed emergency notification system. The new system allows emergency messages to be sent to home, business, and mobile phones, and the transmittal of text messages and email.  The notification system is the best way to learn about emergency events, such as storm evacuations and safe return notices, missing children or adults, utility disruptions, major criminal activity, or other serious emergency events.

The DeltAlert system database already includes all home and business phone numbers within the corporate limits of Naples.  It also includes those phone numbers previously provided by citizens to CodeRed through the City’s web site.

The notification system is most effective when the database of phone numbers includes all numbers necessary to contact citizens and businesses. Remember, one may not be home or at a business when an emergency message is sent out.  Therefore, we recommend that the DeltAlert database include mobile phones and the phone numbers of other locations where our citizens may reside.

We recommended that citizens avail themselves to the DeltAlert Emergency Notification System by registering phone numbers (other than home or business numbers within the City of Naples) through the City’s web site.  The attachment provides the procedure to register additional phone numbers.  You may also register for e-mail notification and text message notification to your text message capable mobile phone.  This contact information will not be used for any purpose other than emergency notifications issued by the City of Naples, Florida.

Please forward this message to members, associates, and acquaintances who reside or own/manage businesses within the corporate limits of the City of Naples.

Thank you,

Bill Moss, City Manager

City of Naples


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