President’s Update – May 4

I have been gone the last 2 weeks so we are somewhat behind. Our son  got married up North so we were celebrating up there. We are now back..Here is what is going on.

First I am told the dredging is now back on track and still planning to start this summer. Cross your fingers that this goes well. We will all be monitoring it.

Next if you are leaving a reminder you can call the Naples Police and or get a form on line that tells them you will be absent for the summer. the Police then will check your home periodically, walk around it, check for anything amiss etc.
If you are staying the summer please be vigilant. We did have someone who had a TV taken out of a house. They were gone about 1.5 hours. It was a newer 32 inch flat screen. Just a good size to fit in the back seat of a car.

The discount program has undergone a metamorphosis. As you may know there are now 5 or 6 communities doing this discount program and we have all decided to merge into one big NAPLES resident discount card. To do this we had to all use the same card. But by doing this we are able to get a much larger area for discounts. We have the new cards and will be mailing NEW cards to everyone in the next few days. Your original card will not work. This way the merchants will just have one card to honor and will be much easier for everyone.


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