Dredging Update, 1

(Letter from Director of Streets and Stormwater to City Manager, 03/04/11


As you know, the ENB Dredging Project is currently out for Bid.  The Bid Documents, prepared by the engineering firm PBS&J, has caused a lot of confusion voiced by the Dredging Contractors that attended the Pre-Bid Meeting and also thru emailed questions.  The Consultant is proposing to perform an updated bottom survey to develop a baseline template for calculation of quantities.  Why this was not done prior to bidding is irresponsible. The bids will not be accurate without the survey and the bid language leaves too many assumptions for the contractors to make which could create significant variations in quotes along with change orders.

Next week I am planning on meeting with Turrell, Hall and Assoc. along with Humiston & Moore Engineers who have offered to provide direction and assistance.  They have done more work of this type in this area than anyone else.  In light of the above, I would like to postpone the Bid Opening until further notice so that we can work these issues out and provide a more biddable and accurate project.  The current Bid Opening date is March 17th.

Ron Wallace, P.E.

Director of Streets & Stormwater

City of Naples


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