February Update, week1

I just found out that someone took a couple of the kids bicycles this week from the bike rack at the bus stop between Marlin and Tarpon. they were not locked. Last year I was told that a person off Palm street saw 4 riders on 3 bikes, (one with a girl on the back of one) were riding along and stopped at a house that had a bicycle sitting in the front yard. The girl hopped off the bike she was doubled on, jumped on the bicycle and all 4 rode off. I think this can happen anywhere but the person who saw did not report it. Please if you see anything call the police.

The city is starting to scrutinize the budget for next year. Hot topic right now is pension reform. Doug Finlay is very active in trying to open this conversation and investigating how other similar Florida communities are dealing with this. Most project that the present rate is unsustainable. I also saw Rick Scott is weighing in on this issue so this is very important both to the city and to the county.  (did you see that the recommendation on salary for the superintendent of schools was $260,000 a year?)

In all this discussion I urge you to support the no increase in tax rate that Gary Price is advocating. Many of you know council-persons and I would ask you email them your views. This is how council members decide how to vote. I will be attending meetings and will let you know what is going on in them that affects Royal Harbor. This is roughly 10% of our bill. The rest is county and we all need to watch this also.

A study is going on now to determine how much the city is paying for county services and how much the county is paying. For instance the city pays about 22% of the schools annual budget and has about 3% of the enrollment. Similar proportions can be found throughout the budget. Some are asking for a complete review.

Final push for sign up to be in the RH membership book is this week. Next week we go to press. Get yours in.

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