December 8 update

You probably saw that burglars were caught last week due to the survey cameras installed in Port Royal. Chief Weschler credited the cameras for the arrest. This is good news.

We had a theft in Royal Harbor a week ago. A family left their garage door open—while they were either in the house or in the back yard someone walked in and stole a few items. The theft was not discovered until 3 days later. One of the items was large and the police have accessed the camera data to see if they might see it go out the entrance. Nothing to report on this yet. But there was no home break in, just a crime of opportunity.

This was our first use of the camera data and it was up from the initial estimate of cost–now we have agreed to pay $150 per incident. This is the cost that we will pay for members and the cost that will be charged to non-members.

I have been asked to remind those who have homes listed for sale that arrow signs for Open Houses are not permitted in the City of Naples. However, we have pleaded with the code people to not take these signs on weekends as they help with showings. We also have said that the REALTORS will take them down after the Open House. ( so normally from about noon to 4 ) However, many are NOT doing this leaving them up for days at a time. If this is your home, your REALTOR and your direction arrows to your house.. please tell your REALTOR to pick up the sign at the end of the day. Abuse like this will cause increased enforcement and these signs to be confiscated and hurt everyone’s chances of selling. Again, we do not have the OK to do this but are getting away with it, for now.

I have great news. (maybe) I did hear that the recomendation is not to change the Royal Harbor school districts in the redistricting. I hope this is true, but if you have children or are interested, you are urged to attend these redistricting meetings and be vocal about Royal Harbor and NO redistricting.

Lastly, many are buying Christmas gifts now. If you rewrap or have big boxes from TV’s or other large appliances, computers etc. remember to cut them up and put them in the recycle bins and do not leave them at the side of the road for thieves to see and then target your home.

Merry Christmas from us at the Sugden Theatre, last night, after the parade..Brrrrrrrr!  Terry and Rhonda

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