IMPORTANT Royal harbor Updates

Trees Trees Trees..

There are 3 different tree programs occurring in our area at this time.First is the Florida Power and Light contractors who are tree trimming in this area. (if you can call the whacking job trimming) The mandate from the power company is to remove all tree branches that may possibly hit a power line. You can see they have really cut back many trees so they look terrible. We have complained and the city has complained to FPL but the power company has such a great lobby they have the authority to do this with no recourse we know of. The city recommends those unhappy call FPL.

Second is the tree replacement program. The city received a grant for this so no taxpayer money was used. This program let the city fill in every lot in Royal Harbor that had lost a tree over the last many years with a designated tree. I emailed the info to residents earlier last month on this. But we had a lot of new trees put in. This is part of the council-approved Master Plan for Naples. We as an association lobbied for Royal Harbor to be in on this first round of planting, but again, I repeat, we did not have a say in the placement or type of trees used.

Third is the Tarpon Road tree replacement program. This program replaced the old Pinto Palms along Tarpon with Royal Palms. These will look great when matured. I do not know if this is started yet.

Voting…This is an important election and although we as an association do not normally “promote candidates or issues ” it was felt that these 2 amendments below should be clarified. We did not feel the Naples Daily News recommendations coincided with those of our board members.

Voting amendment 8. (YES) ..eight is greatAttached is a summary of amendment 8 that has been approved by our Royal Harbor board for distribution to members. This amendment is very important and we encourage you to read the attachment and vote accordingly. This needs a 60% yes vote to go forward.Class Size Amendment 8

Voting amendment 4. (NO) also we have previously sent an earlier attachment from Bill Moss our city manager on voting NO for amendment 4. You should read this before you vote.You can vote anytime now until the election date under the early voting law.

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2 Responses to IMPORTANT Royal harbor Updates

  1. Jane B Broce says:

    We recently purchased 1935 Snook Drive and are trying to find out if there are any regulations as to whether or not we can install a propane gas tank. Can you tell me where I would find this out? Thank you.

    • Ed says:

      According to the Buildings Department, you need to speak to the Building Official, Paul Bollenbeck, ph. 213-5037. I also found the name Joe Yerko as Assistant Building Official.
      BTW, Welcome to Royal Harbor!

      Ed Thieme

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