Tree Replacement in Royal Harbor

City replacement tree planting will begin October 1 in this area. This is a City project and city workers will replant the designated species by street . We have No say in the matter as to type of tree or location on the street as this is a council approved project.

Below are the streets to be done and the type of trees to be planted on each.

Street ……… Current Species
Blue Point Ave.  Coconut Palm
Bluefin Ct      Royal Palm
Cherrystone Ct  Coconut Palm
Chesapeake Ave  Mahogany
Clam Ct Coconut Palm
Cobia Ct        Coconut Palm
Curlew Ave      Foxtail Palm
Jewel Box Ave   Royal Palm
Little Neck Ct  Coconut Palm
Marlin Dr       Coconut Palm
Shad Ct Coconut Palm
Snook Dr        Royal Palm
Tarpon Rd       Royal Palm
Tuna Ct Coconut Palm
Wahoo Ct        Chinese Fan Palm

if you are concerned about your yard the contact is

Heather Shields

Contract Services Manager

Parks & Parkways


Terry Forshier
President Royal Harbor Homeowners Association

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