President’s Notes,08/26/10

There are several things that are happening that you need to be aware of.

1. The city is launching a new recycle system starting in October. Some of you may remember a few years ago the residents on Tarpon were part of a trial where the city provided the large recycle bins similar to those used by the county. This is the system we are going to be using in all of Naples. This will be a one-stream pickup and no sorting will be required by the homeowner. However, you will have to roll the bin to the curb.

2. Tarpon Road is still scheduled for resurfacing this fall. I do not have dates but it will cause delays when it starts. We are fortunate to get this done this year.

3.The city is polishing the new budget next week. One of the items is to review the cost of dredging here in Royal Harbor and the millage rate in the East Naples Taxing District. We are now at .5 and you can see this on your trim notice. Now, the deal so far is this. We have already spent about a million dollars on the surveys and permitting phases. We also have about a million in the fund. The city then has, so far, proposed to loan the District the 3 million needed and we will repay them at around 4% out of the funds collected over the next 15 years or so. Current return on city funds is about 1% I was told. The problem is that our taxable valuations continue to fall and some on the council worry about the time involved in collecting. I believe some on the council are going to propose a tax rate increase to “feel better” about loaning us the money.

So, if you know any council members, PLEASE, email them to please just fund the project as it is now set up to go. Things will get better, prices will eventually stabilize and rise again.

Terry Forshier
President Royal Harbor

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