Royal Harbor Update, 02/03/2018

First, I have attached the year-end financial report from our treasurer.  If you have any questions, you can refer them to Mike Kehoe.     

Next, remember the Royal Harbor Garage Sale is happening on Saturday Feb 17. You can participate by contacting Nancy Lockwood. She has the applications and will be taking them to the city for approval. She needs them ahead of time, so if you are going to have a sale, please let her know next week. Yes, the city requires all participants to register.  

Nancy will put an ad in the paper and make handouts for people coming into Royal Harbor. These will show the locations of all people having a sale. This will be a busy traffic morning, so be patient. Attached is an application for you to print out. PDF format (you may have to click it 2x)

Our annual meeting will be held at our regular time at 9:30 am on Tuesday the 20th. It will be at the Naples Sailing and Yacht club. More on this as we near the date.

I met yesterday with Senator Passidimo at the City Presidents Council. She informed us of several things that were working through the State Senate that will affect us.

First, as I have alerted you earlier in my newsletter, there is a bill now moving to address Beach Usage. You may know Real Estate law gives the landowner title and rights to all land upward from mean high tide. In many cases, this includes part of the beach. In some cases, it does not. It all depends on the size and configuration of your beach. Those who have had beach re-nourishment may indeed have more “owned beach” than those who have had their beach eroded away. Also, Florida has a practice of allowing public use on all the beach. This, while not specified in law, appears to have some standing in the courts. This means, in our language, if people have been walking over and using your land, they may be allowed to continue to do so. Courts vary in interpretation. I am not a lawyer and am only reporting what I heard. But, this problem keeps rearing its head and wants to be heard. 

Vacation rentals are also a hot topic in the Senate. We all know what is happening in residential neighborhoods. Homes are leased for short-term rentals to vacation goers. Many times this is disruptive to full-time residents as these vacationers tend to have late noisy parties and have little regard for neighbors’ peace and quiet. Not only this, but the Hotel industry is upset as they see this practice as stealing their customers. Then the cities are upset as, most of the time, no Rental Tax is collected and submitted. AirBnB, VRBO, and on and on. Although the organized companies are agreeing to collect fees and watch over the conduct of tenants, etc., there is also the Mom and Pop rentals that the city has no way to regulate. Then there are ordinances that are on the books in cities and in Home Owner associations that have to be dealt with. Will these be erased, allowed to continue, or something in between?

So here we are. The state wants to regulate all, and local cities are tired of the State thinking one size fits all and mandating regulations. Then there are the property rights of owners that have to be respected.  Like most things today, this will take compromise. Senator Passidomo seems to me to have a good handle on this, and I feel she will keep us informed and try to keep our neighborhoods as neighborhoods.

This coming Tuesday, February 6, is Election Day for our City Council members.  Four are running for three spots.  I can’t stress enough how important it is that you go out and vote.  The statistics will show how many have voted from our neighborhood, showing the Council how important our voice in Royal Harbor is.  The sign of my favorite candidate is in my yard.  PLEASE VOTE and make your voice heard!

Lastly, we have worked on the entrance monuments and have them looking much better. Still, we need to decide the next step.

Enough for now. But there is a lot happening.









My pride and Joy

Terry Forshier

RH Cash Flow Report for 2017

Scan0598 (1)

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Royal Harbor Update 01/19/2018

The Royal Harbor Garage Sale is now scheduled for

Saturday, Feb 17.

Application link. Scan0598              See below for instructions. This from Nancy Lockwood.

Need the applications in no later than noon on Wednesday February 14th. 

Questions  239- 250-3897

2150 Shad Court

This is how it works. Everyone having a sale needs to fill out the form as it is required by the city. (and yes they do check these) You are allowed to have one garage sale per year.

Once you fill out the form, email it to Nancy or deliver it to her. She will then go to the city and apply for everyone.

On that day, you may open and close at your time schedule. Royal Harbor will post a newspaper ad telling people of the sale. We then put out Flyer boxes on the corners of Dolphin and Marlin for people to pick up. They will have a map with the locations of the various sales going on. We usually have hundreds of people come, so this is a good time to get rid of that stuff you keep moving around in your home and attic.

As a reminder. City elections are on Feb 6 this year. 

Our voting precinct is on Riverside Circle off Goodlette near the police station.  It is important for everyone to vote. Some have already voted absentee. Thank you for those. One very good reason to vote is so people will take us seriously when we ask for help or need something from the city council. If we request something and the council people look and see that people in Royal Harbor vote, then they will respond quicker and usually give us their attention. If, however, no one seems to care, then the reverse may happen. So in order to keep us up front and the council aware we are here, we need to make our voice heard. So… please vote.

Scan0598 (Click for Garage Sale Permit)

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RH Aerial


Editor’s note: If you are using WINDOWS, clicking on the images below will bring up a large view. You APPLE users can tell me if it works the same for you. These shots were taken some time ago, so some homes shown as being under construction have probably been completed. We are still working on posting videos and hope to have them soon.


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Royal Harbor update 12/08/2017

There are several things happening you need to know about.

I have been contacted by two residents regarding roofers in the area. In both cases people said the roofers were walking around and trying to solicit business.  One case where a woman called to find out the approval process by the HOA. Since there is none I assume the supposed roofer does not know this area, the city codes etc and is likely not the roofer she should use. She also said that the roofer was pushing her to sign up for a new roof and not do the patching job she called on.  The second was last night where 2 men were walking around after dark ringing doorbells and soliciting roof work. The resident notified me and I called and reported them to the police. The police came right out and left here looking for the men. I do not know the outcome. Soliciting is not allowed in the city. Please report any like activity directly to the police.

Earlier this week a resident on Tarpon road called police about rental fraud. She stated someone came to her home and produced a rental contract showing that they had rented her home for the upcoming week. The person was packed and ready to move in. Since the owner knew nothing of this, police were called. It was a case of rental fraud using Craig’s List. The hopeful renter was out $1700. Charges were filed against the unknown perpetrator. This is not the first time this has happened here. Someone takes pictures off the web (maybe from a for sale site like MLS< TRULIA< ZILLOW) then they set up an ad using these, and collect deposits of rental income. They are never seen again, and the renter is out the money. I had this happen to one of my Royal Harbor listings but fortunately the renter called me to ask about some detail in the home. I advised them of the fraud taking place and turned this over to the police.

Many of you have received a letter from FPL about insuring your water line from the street to the homes. After investigating I found that this is not from Florida Power and Light but a sub contractor that is selling insurance that will cover this cost if your water line fails. The City of Naples water district is not part of this. From the letter it looks like the insurance company can tag on the $4 per month onto your FPL bill. Then they somehow collect that from FPL. Sign up at your own risk.

RCC cards are being mailed this weekend. If you are signed up for 2018 you will get yours. If not, then you will not get one in the mail. Right now, about 100 people have not renewed their membership. I am working on getting a printable list from RCC on places the cards are accepted and the discounts available.  You can find a list at

I had several people volunteer to work on the monument entrances. Since they are decorated now, we will do this after Christmas. The lighting at the main entrance to Royal Harbor looks great.

A new resident would like to organize social groups in Royal Harbor based on interests. Our board member for community activities and myself think this might be something many would want, so I attach this request to all of you. Respond directly to her.


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Royal Harbor update

What a summer this has been. Irma was the biggest event we have had in awhile and we escaped from what might have been a real disaster for Royal Harbor. We did have problems though. One was our new sign.

Unfortunately this sign is now gone. During the clean up of the big tree that fell across Sandpiper Street, it got destroyed and hauled away. I turned this into the city hoping for some relief from insurance. (either the city or the contractors) but so far no one will help us. So the $1625 we paid for this appears to be lost. I have ordered a replacement. We are not broke, but our reserves are smaller than we would like.

This leads into  our membership renewal. Those of you who are not new, remember we paid for the new cameras that are now installed at each entrance. Many of you contributed to this and the balance was then taken from our Royal Harbor funds. (the $50 each of us pays for membership into the association) this is voluntary and most of you do join. We also give new residents the first year free. This is our only income.  So it is time again for renewal.

I am attaching here the new 2018 form. If you want your name in the Royal Harbor directory we will need your renewal by the 31st of December. All those received after will not be in the directory as we take them to the printers the first week of the year.

We also need to know if there is a demand for the RCC cards? Every year we get them at a discount and order one per membership.  Some on our board want to know If this is something we need to continue. It is time to order them so let your local board member know or email me if you have an opinion.

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Royal Harbor Update ..Halloween

The Annual Royal Harbor Trick or Treat Extravaganza is set for

October 31st

5.30 – 7.30pm 

Streets off Dolphin Road at the north end of Royal Harbor

Lastly, if anyone from the other areas of Royal Harbor would like to pass out candy to trick or treaters, we have several residents who have not arrived yet, so I am happy to set you up on one of our available driveways.  Please just give me a call, and I will get you a driveway. Let’s make this Halloween a fun one for the kids! 

Thanks very much!

Maureen Minker



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Royal Harbor Update (Halloween)


Reminder to all Royal Harbor residents. The Royal Har­bor Homeowners Association is setting up the Halloween Parade and Trick or Treat night. Once again the commit­tee has chosen homes on the North entrance for this event. It will be held Tuesday evening October 31 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. (Halloween)

Residents along the street will be asked to volunteer to host little treat stands for the trick or treaters. Invite your friends from other Royal Harbor streets to join your set up and enjoy the costumed families as they walk the street.

The Naples Police have agreed to come and provide secu­rity and solve traffic issues on the street.

If this is new to you, please ask around. You will find this is a very fun and successful event. We will send out more reminders as we near the date. Oh yes, grown ups are en­couraged to dress up and participate also. This is a super fun night. Lets put Irma in our wake and move forward.


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Royal Harbor Update, 09/20/2017

Things are a lot better today. To my knowledge power is on in most or all of Royal Harbor. Some streets like Pelican in Oyster Bay reported no power yet. There may be some individual homes not on due to downed lines. I know many parts of Port Royal and Old Naples are still not on yet. Last night coming home about 7:30I passed many lineman trucks throughout the city. 7or 8 coming out of Royal Harbor area on Sandpiper. Hopefully the power issue for all is behind us.

Collection of trees, limbs, branches, fronds, bushes, etc. will start on Friday in Naples . This does not mean it will start here in Royal Harbor then so if yours is not picked up that day, have patience, it’s coming. You need to have it in a pile at the end of your yard and not on the street. Also, if you pile it with other debris such as shingles, tin, furniture, carpet etc they will pass you by and not pick yours up. You need 2 piles—separated. I know this is a pain and some yards just do not have the room. I am just passing this on.  If you drive around, you can see this ranges from large logs to half trees to palm fronds. This will be a big undertaking and I cannot imagine where they will haul and dispose of all this. There is an internet flier circulating that goes into depth with pictures on this if you need more clarification.

Also if you need help and do not know where to get it…the paper has been printing a page full of documentation on what services are out there and phone contacts. This is a good resource to cut out and keep handy.

Collier County lifted the boil water ban. I have not heard from the city other than they are planning to get results of their samples Friday.  I would hold off drinking the water until then.

Mail delivery is way behind. They are trying, but the back up is all up the line as deliveries had not been made to our area even before the storm and all that mail has to come through the pipeline. My data plan with Verizon emailed me last week that I was exceeding my limit. We called them and they said that they would forgive any overage due to the lack of wifi and the hurricane. But you have to call them and ask for it. So if you are using your phones, ipads, kindles etc without wifi and using up your data plan, you need to call and see if you can get that fixed to save some $$$. I think all carriers are doing it.

Both Publix and WalMart are open, but some shelves are still bare. They tell us that shipments are coming.  They should be back to normal by next week.

Hurricane Maria is turning North and should not be our problem. Thank goodness for that. Still, what a season. Really, very few homes were demolished in this area. Some older ones and those in low-lying areas suffered most of the damage. Assessments are not all in, but overall we fared very well considering there was a 142 MPH wind clocked at the airport only a few miles from us.







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ROYAL HARBOR Update,09/04/17

I am sure you have seen the last forecast for hurricane Irma. Current cone has it in Cuba just below Florida on Saturday. Some of the track has it coming North and moving up through Florida. The track has changed daily for the last 5 days so chances are this will not be the track of the actual event. But there are some things you should do now just in case.


if you are not signed up for CODE RED on the city of Naples website then you should do it.( ) This is where you give the city your phone numbers. They ask for your land line and all of your cellphones. They will then send you alerts about the neighborhood if events warrant. These may be recorded messages from the  mayor or City manager or they may be text messages. They will tell you what is happening in the city and can even be neighborhood specific. This is how you will be told to evacuate the area or when it is safe to return. They will give updates as they are needed.

You should also check your boat. Make sure that it is secure and lines are doubled. Allow scope for the possibility of rising water. If you are on a lift then check with the manufacturer or installer and ask them the best way to leave the boat. If you have a big boat you may call and try to make plans to have it hauled into dry storage. (Boat US will pay for part of this if it is a named storm. You need to call them to check how much and details) I am not suggesting you do this but check into it and reserve a spot if you think you will need it. If you have a sailboat plan the day when you remove all canvas and sails. If you are up North get someone to check this for you now so it will not be last minute and then everyone will be doing their own preparation.

Look at your yard. Strong winds can blow even heavy stuff around. Make a plan to get it stored and secure if need arises. If you have hurricane windows you are golden. If you have electric shutters even better. Close them when you leave. If not plan when you will put on plywood or plastic storm shutters. I use plastic overlays and it takes me about 3 hours to put them up. If it looks bad I will be doing it on Friday afternoon.

If you would have to evacuate you will want to take valuable items. Plan ahead what you want to take and see if you have room to take them. If you are flying out plan early because all flights will be booked. Also driving will be very difficult as everyone will want to go North at the same time. Just be ready for this as it is frustrating crawling along I-75 at 30 mph.

I have been here 15 years and my parents were here 15 to 20 years before that so I have some history. Chances are this will not be a problem but as a Boy Scout I had “be prepared” the Scout motto, drilled into me at an early age.

I will send more info as we go along.

This is the new directory. All new residents get a free one. If you have a new neighbor have them contact me for theirs.

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Royal Harbor Update 08/29/17

The sun is out and no clouds in the sky here today. After the past 5 or so days of rain, it is welcome. Parts of Cape Coral had over a foot of rain. My rain gauge showed nearly 10 inches overall in the 5 day period.  It is very low tech. A tube with a large mouth and shows how many inches of rain fell as the tube fills up. I have to empty is at just over 5 inches. The news reported less in this area but ???

If you are up north, then you have seen the weather and flooding. Here in Royal Harbor we really had nothing to speak of. A few streets accumulated water but soon drained. Nothing like the folks up north and inland who were water-skiing in the road. Even today some residents in Lee county were being evacuated. Some boats were reported as filling up and breaking lifts and/or sinking at the docks, but none here in our neighborhood. (you  need your bilge pump on)

We are all thankful that we had nothing like those folks in Houston. Most of the people here were fixated on The Weather Channel. We are lucky it is not us.

The Tree Trimmers are out again. They are hired by FPL and come and chop all our trees that are close to the power lines. It looks really bad where they have been. Still, whenever we complain about outages, the folks at FPL always blame it on a palm frond or a branch crossing the line. So I guess for now we have to put up with it. If you are new to the area, I am sure you will think that the power company should just bury the lines. We have tried for years to kick start this, but to no avail. Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, Old Naples, Coquina Sands and others all have the same problems and all have tried. I even sat in a meeting with the FPL president and the city manager and other presidents of Naples subdivisions and we discussed this, but nothing was resolved.

There are no homes now on the market in Royal Harbor under a million dollars . Ten years ago we sold some lots in here in the $400k range. Now it is not unusual to see 3 and 4 million dollar price tags. All my sources tell me this will be a good year in the RE market. Already many markets are selling better right now than even last January or February.

Naples Bay Resort has presented its plan to bypass US41 (at the corner of Sandpiper and 41) to the city council. I mentioned before they want to discontinue shuttling people from the Resort to the Cottages recreation area using their bus. They want to use golf carts and come across the little park that they built and bypass 41 altogether. I think this will pass council, as it seems like a good solution to avoid more crossings of US41. They also agreed to put in a parking lot for carts and open it up to local resident use.

Home Rule..As you may be aware Naples is a very well run city. Leaders in Naples for the most part have the mantra, of keeping Naples with a small town feel, and with that in mind they try to look at the big picture. They can do this because we have home rule. This allows communities to set up their own guidelines a to how they want their city to operate. There are, however, restrictions and one of these is that the State can overrule. We have seen this recently in the pension situation in Naples. The city had met with the various city workers and their representatives and worked out a long term solution for the unfunded pension liabilities that the city will face. But along comes the state and passes a law prohibiting cities from acting on some of the agreed changes. So now we are back to the drawing board. Now we see that the state again is exercising its muscle on signage. As you know Naples has a very strict sign rule to keep signs from overpowering the beauty of Naples. Now the state has come and signed into law that certain signs must be allowed and may overreach the limits that Naples has set. So do not be surprised when you see them crop up.

If you are a new resident, I have resident directories for you and also your discount RCC card. Please email or call me and stop by and pick yours up.

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